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Hit List / Various

Hit List / Various

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Venture Entertainment Record Group Reignites the Twin Cities' Music Scene with a SLAMM'IN debut compilation CD that can only be called..."The Hit List". This compilation CD features such songs as Broke Again by J-Lue, Mi Amore by Shawn-J; Wet Dreams by Checkmate; Breathe by Gia Jai; and 12 other slamm'in tracks by select artists such as AK "The Block Boss" and King Sandman. The Hit List is destined to stimulate the general market audience interest in the sultry and dynamic sounds of the Twin Cities' music scene. In addition, it satisfies the audience demand for passionate, fun and energetic music. "Our sound is Unique and our product can compete with any Hip-Hop/R&B and Pop music in the market place today. Minnesota has always been known to produce unique artists with universal appeal. Many of us grew up on music by Prince, Alexander O'Neal, Morris Day, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. And what man can forget the sexually seductive female trio Vanity 6. It's time we put a new face on the music scene," said Navena Moore, CEO of Venture Entertainment Record Group. The Record Group represents a new paradigm in the traditional music industry structure. Instead of signing individual artists, the group has signed an alliance agreement with seven independent record labels known as "The Council." Member labels include ATM Records & Muzik Group, Black Ball'in Records & Entertainment, Master Key Records & Entertainment Group, Platinum Mind Records & Production Group, Smart Move Records & Entertainment, TC Hitzone and Yum Yum Records LLC. This galvanizing approach has enabled them to create a powerhouse of subsidiary labels that contain some of the best new producers in the Twin Cities market. "This is a union whose time has come," said Seanacy, co-partner in, Platinum Mind Records & Production Group. "I've been in the music business for some time now and have yet to encounter an organization run with the level of professionalism, creative, and cooperative spirit and vision I see in Venture Entertainment Record Group. I'm excited by this union and extremely confident about our artists' ability to uniquely impact the market," he added. So keep your eyes on the music charts and music video channels, and stay tuned to your favorite radio station and website for more information about Venture Entertainment Record Group, it's subsidiary labels and The Hit List.


  1. Broke Again
  2. Any Thing I Want
  3. Breathe
  4. Give It To Her
  5. We Gone Get It On
  6. Swiggin On U
  7. Jump Back
  8. They Be Watching
  9. Study Buddy
  10. Don't Make Me Snap
  11. Stand Out
  12. Gourmet Chocolate
  13. Booty Clappin
  14. Wet Dreams
  15. Get U Alone
  16. Ma Mi Amore

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