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Eyes Wide Open

Mr. Smith

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MrSmith's driving style of rock/pop mixed with an, alternative edge makes you remember why you like rock music. Matt Denise- Primary SongSmith/Guitarist/Singer. Matt shares his heart, soul and dreams with high energy, sincerity and groove. He incorporates big hooks and insightful lyrics with a stripped-down rawness. Years of experience as a Lead Guitarist and Vocalist have lead to a powerful display of gutsy guitar grooves in addition to a gritty yet soulful vocal presentation. Matt Denise - musician, visionary (not to be confused with loser) Devoted to the dream!


  1. Ballerina
  2. Soldier
  3. Fool
  4. Eyes Wide Open
  5. Elvis
  6. Eat it
  7. Reinbow
  8. Poletician Rap
  9. That's what I'm talking about
  10. Skin Deep
  11. Pulse
  12. Strange

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