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Blind The Sky

Blind The Sky

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Blind the Sky is a band with the mentality of "why not." Why can't a rock band write long dynamic songs without droning on the same riff for 15 minutes? Why can't a rock band play what the music dictates instead of what is conventional? Most Commercial music on the radio today is like fast food. It's convenience is the only thing that makes it appealing. What you pay for is grease, a spare tire on your waist line, and it's way too easy to swallow. This is a band that has always found it's strength going against the common grain. Blind the Sky is a band with passion for music that knows no boundaries. They create music that includes many different genres and moods blended into one unique style. With only three members their sound is one.


  1. Letting Go, Pt. 1: Departure
  2. Letting Go, Pt. 2: Risen
  3. Migration
  4. Break Slater
  5. Lost and Foundation
  6. Sinastrasia [Instrumental] [Instrumental]

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