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Peru: Andean Music Of Life Work & Celebration / Va

Peru: Andean Music Of Life Work & Celebration / Va

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UNESCO's previously unreleased album Peru: Andean Music of Life, Work, and Celebration presents a wide array of rural indigenous musical traditions, culled from the most outstanding historical field recordings found in the archives of the Institute of Ethnomusicology of the Catholic University of Peru. The vast collection includes previously undocumented pre-Hispanic genres, such as the Harawi and Wanka ritual styles. Music of courtship, marriage, work, ritual, celebration, and Christmas devotion takes US into the heart of indigenous life in many regions of Andean Peru. To better guide the listener, the recording is divided into five sections: Music and Life cycle, Music and Work, Music and Dances, Carnival Music, and Religious Songs and Christmas Songs. Compiler and annotator Raul R. Romero provides meticulous liner notes, which give the listener a thorough overview of the recordings on this new release.


  1. Tuta Kashwa
  2. Chiaraje
  3. Harawi de Matrimonio
  4. Warmichakuy
  5. Entierro de Niño
  6. Ayataki
  7. Responso Funerario
  8. Walina
  9. Harawi
  10. Tonada de Minga
  11. Trigu Wanka
  12. Harawi de Siembra
  13. Tonada Del Caballo
  14. Rosarcha
  15. Pirkansa
  16. Waylli
  17. Cinta Apay
  18. Wasi Wanka
  19. Los Negritos
  20. Los Negritos
  21. Los Negritos
  22. Los Antihuanquillas
  23. Los Shaqshas
  24. Los Chunchos
  25. Los Chunchos
  26. Los Qhapaq Chunchos
  27. La Diablada
  28. Los Chiriguanos
  29. Los Choqelas
  30. Danza de Tijeras
  31. Novillada
  32. Carnaval de Andahuaylas
  33. Carnaval de Q'ochapata
  34. Carnaval de Canas
  35. Carnaval de Acora
  36. U Wayli
  37. Qhapaq Colla
  38. Adoracion
  39. Waylia
  40. Canto de Navidad

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