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Same Old Wonder / Various

Same Old Wonder / Various

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The Same Old Wonder is a collection of songs that stir a familiar sense of wonder and curiosity and ask questions with answers just beyond our reach. Ravi Kittappa?s Und wenn du lange in einen Abgrund Blickst? quotes Friedrich Nietzsche, inviting us to stare into an abyss, and see who stares back. Wildflower, an original song by Hasco Duo, excerpts text from the child poet Constantinos Harpending Pavellas and innocently asks ?Who am I? Who loves me?? In contrast, Morgan Krauss? pallid tongues is dark and distorted, a confused nightmare of jumbled images in which the voices long for both home and freedom. Tinta Roja, Tinta Negra/ Red Ink, Black Ink, by Luis Fernando Amaya is dedicated to ?Ancient voices- silenced and lost to perpetuity,? and asks us to ?resonate with them, beautifully or horribly, and listen.? The album closes with Basic Lands by Jonathan Sokol, a modular piece that imitates game play rules from Magic: The Gathering and uses text from The Prairie and the Sea by William Quayle, an enchanting text about the author?s adventures in the vast North American landscape.

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