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Follow The Leader: Re-Imagined As Jazz...

Hay,Jonathan / Reid,Benny / Smith,Mike

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Re-imagined instrumentals of the groundbreaking and critically acclaimed Follow the Leader album from Eric B. & Rakim. Endorsed and fully supported by Eric B. & Rakim. Jonathan Hay, Benny Reid, and Mike Smith had numerous discussions on how to respectfully, faithfully, and creatively re-imagine Eric B. & Rakim?s classic 1988 album, Follow the Leader. The difficulty was twofold. One, Follow the Leader is a revered and iconic hip-hop album and had to reflect its adoration. Two, how can it be translated to a jazz style, especially omitting the centerpiece, Rakim?s voice? Reid (lead instrumentalist ? tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, bari saxophone, flute) and Hay?s (producer) initial strategy of replaying Rakim?s extended, rhythmically intricate rap verses organically morphed into a more improvised, classic jazz style. The emcee vocal style and flow along with Eric B.?s through-composed instrumentals, served as a model for Hay, Reid, Smith and musician Mani Ajami to draw inspiration.


  1. Beats for the Listeners
  2. Eric B. Never Scared
  3. Follow the Leader
  4. For the Listeners
  5. Just a Beat
  6. Lyrics of Fury
  7. Microphone Fiend
  8. Musical Massacre
  9. No Competition
  10. Put Your Hands Together
  11. The R

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