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Under The Big Fat Moon

Ukulele Bartt

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Renowned ukulele virtuoso Ukulele Bartt flashes his fiery fingertips on 20 new songs of offbeat, lyrical romance. Sparkling wit and mesmerizing musicianship are Bartt's hallmarks, and both are served aplenty on this CD. Flowing with romantic tunes of burritos and love, 'Big Fat Moon' features the star-studded UB Sextet highlighted by Oingo-Boingo pianist Jon Gold's dazzling ivory-tinkling and the ooh-and-ahh backing vocals of Lyndie Rene of television's 'Kimora - Life in the Fab Lane.' Bursting with ukulele solos, and sparkling with the one-of-a-kind style that has brought Bartt worldwide acclaim, the UB6's latest disc showcases Bartt's eye-popping mastery of styles ranging from Flamenco to Hawaiian, and from Boogie to Beatles. All the songs were written by Bartt, and he harmonizes with his Sextet on six-part melodies including: Bartt kisses in the Vatican on 'Do You Know Where I'd Like to Kiss You?' Bartt covers his burrito lover in salsa ('Oh, my goodness! That's obscene!') in 'Love Burrito' Bartt keeps the Hawaiian chickens off the coral reef with rapid-fire uke solos in 'Island Chickens' Bartt escapes from Big Bad Betty's clutches: 'You better look out when she starts to flirt, 'cause Betty's got a face like Ethyl Mertz.' Happy - that's what this music is. Listen for yourself! And visit to watch Bartt's videos from beaches across the globe!


  1. Big Blue Eyes
  2. Do You Know Where I'd Like to Kiss You?
  3. Paris in Sunshine
  4. Meet the Big Fat Moon
  5. Sweet Moonlight
  6. Mai-Tai Time
  7. Delightful Mysteries
  8. Sammy Sells Splendid Ukuleles
  9. Island Chickens
  10. Austin
  11. Under the Big Fat Moon
  12. Beware the Fruit of Love
  13. No Lemons. No Melons
  14. Love Burrito
  15. Super Sweet
  16. When We're Old
  17. Under the Crescent Moon
  18. Cinderella Shoe
  19. Big Bad Betty
  20. Paris in Moonlight

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