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Babies Who Hurt People

Babies Who Hurt People

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Review Babies Who Hurt People: it's a bold name and I'm here to report that the music matches up. The local trio is playing at Little Kings on Saturday night and starts out sounding like an instrumental Concrete Blonde in it's darkest incarnation, especially compared to later songs, which draw more from the likes of Kraftwerk and later pre-techno experimentalists. The brain box behind the music is a drum machine and a circa-1988 Casio SK1 keyboard, which I'm told can only hold one sample in it's little mind at a time, forcing John Driscoll to drip feed the unit it's sonic input at the start of each outing. This arrangement is backed by heavy basslines and pre-grunge dirgy guitar work circa Sonic Youth's 'Titanium Expose.' The Babies keep their electronica-noise-rock journeys pretty short and sharp, which is a good thing for those of us not on Ritalin and desirous of constant stimulation.


  1. Pee'in With Breezy
  2. Kissiah (Alan's Theme)
  3. Hot Pink Ocean
  4. Nakita
  5. Touborg's Clogs
  6. Deeper
  7. Fantastic Rubbers
  8. Yee Haw
  9. Silver Cotton Candy
  10. 2, 2, 2 Bout 2
  11. Heap O Days

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