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We Shall All Be Reunited: Revisiting Bristol / Var

We Shall All Be Reunited: Revisiting Bristol / Var

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EU collection. We Shall All Be Reunited: Revisiting The Bristol Sessions, 1927-1928 casts new light on an old story - that of the 1927 Bristol sessions. Conducted by Victor Records A&R producer Ralph Peer, this seminal event from the early years of commercial recording in the 1980s was nicknamed ''the Big Bang of Country Music,'' while the city in which the event occurred - Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia - was officially dubbed ''the Birthplace of Country Music.'' Featuring 15 key recordings made in Bristol during late July and early August 1927 - including first-ever recordings by the now-legendary Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers as well as recordings by several important early country musicians, including Ernest Stoneman, Henry Whitter, Blind Alfred Reed, and others - ''We Shall All Be Reunited'' revisits and reinterprets that 1927 event. To provide a holistic portrayal of Peer's recording work in Bristol, this album includes 11 stand-out selections - including several classic recordings of old-time and gospel music by such musicians as Uncle Eck Dunford, Ernest Phipps, and Alfred Karnes - from Peer's overlooked but equally worthy October and November 1928 recordings in Bristol.


  1. Black-Eyed Susie - JP Nester
  2. I Cannot Be Your Sweetheart - Howard ? Peak (The Blind Musicians)
  3. I Truly Understand, You Love Another Man - Shortbuckle Roark & Family
  4. Johnny Goodwin - Bull Mountain Moonshiners
  5. Little Bunch Of Roses - Clarence Greene
  6. My Mother Is Waiting For Me In Heaven Above - Smith Brothers
  7. My Name Is Ticklish Reuben - Smyth County Ramblers
  8. Narrow Gauge Blues - El Watson
  9. New Orleans Is The Town I Like Best - Carolina Twins
  10. Oh Molly Dear - BF Shelton
  11. Rain Crow Bill - Henry Whitter
  12. Shine On Me - Ernest Phipps & His Holiness Singers
  13. Sleep Baby Sleep - Jimmie Rodgers
  14. Standing On The Promises - Tennessee Mountaineers
  15. Sweeping Through The Gates - Ernest V Stoneman & His Dixie Mountaineers
  16. The Longest Train I Ever Saw - Tenneva Ramblers
  17. The Poor Orphan Child - The Carter Family
  18. The Wreck Of The Virginian (Take 2) - Blind Alfred Reed
  19. Unknown Blues - Tarter & Gay
  20. We Shall All Be Reunited - Alfred G Karnes
  21. Your Blue Eyes Run Me Crazy - West Virginia Coon Hunters

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