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8 Assassins - Beautiful The Bad & The Ugly / O.S.T

8 Assassins - Beautiful The Bad & The Ugly / O.S.T

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Original soundtrack to the thrilling action heist film set in the Middle East! Features an incredibly diverse roster of artists including folk icon Judy Collins, space rock legends Hawkwind, original Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Dianno, German krautrock pioneers Faust, Hawkwind co-founder Nik Turner, deathrockers Christian Death and many others.

Disk 1

  1. Alan Davey - Angel Down Feat. Simon House
  2. Black Plastic - Sertraline
  3. Faust - Parasiten
  4. Hawkwind - Hassan I Sabbah
  5. Hedersleben - Gulf of Lost Souls
  6. J?rgen Engler - 8 Assassins (Score)
  7. Nik Turner - Coming of the Maya Feat Simon House
  8. Onyx - Do U Bac Down
  9. The Wake - Nazarene

Disk 2

  1. Blackburner Vs. DMX - We Gonna Tear Shit Up
  2. Brainticket - Radagacuca
  3. J?rgen Engler - Assassin Fuzz (Score)
  4. Judy Collins & Ari Hest - Run
  5. Larry Donn - Honey Bun
  6. Loon - Belly Dance Feat. Gritty
  7. Paul Dianno - War Machine
  8. Philippe Besombes - Chocolate Cream
  9. Space Temple - Acid Journey Feat. Wayne Kramer
  10. The Coffin Daggers - Instigator
  11. Yellowman - the Happiness of One

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