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Graceful Ruckus

Mr Meyer

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One of the ladies at church said it best. "It's about time there's a little healthy ruckus in the church!" She was commenting on how energized the church becomes when the kids come in and sing. The Graceful Ruckus project was born at Christ the King Church in Richland, WA. Mr. Meyer, a successful corporate manager, accepted an invitation to volunteer as the Sunday school music leader. And so the project came alive. Mr. Meyer and his three girls penned all 10 songs that you hear on Graceful Ruckus. The music project came alive with the kids jumping like kangaroos, roaring like lions, and praising a sunny day. It all started after college with a two year detour into Up With People, where Mr. Meyer toured throughout Mexico, Australia and North America. He was even one of those half-time show guys at Superbowl 25. Eventually, he picked up a guitar and taught himself the basics, which led to playing in backyards, bars, and Sunday church. Then came the opportunity to lead the Sunday School music. And so the company man became the music man. There are six kids on the recording. But, the project was inspired by the hundreds of little ones that jumped and praised their way through Sunday School at Christ the King Church in Richland, WA. They inspired the songs and made the corporate guy's dream come true! Anyway, back to the kids on the CD. Six beautiful voices from 5-11 years old anchored the sound. Watch out American Idol. ---------------- The team at Mr. Meyer's Music decided we should tell the world what we intend to accomplish with Graceful Ruckus. So, these are the goals, mission, directions, objectives... call it what you will. We hope all who love the music will help join the Ruckus wagon! Mr. Meyer's Music WILL... 1. Make a CD that appeals to the entire family. 2. Connect with ALL Christians. 3. Expand the ministry with a second CD. May God continue blessing the music!


  1. Monster
  2. Jump, Jump, Jump
  3. Go Play
  4. Mooberry Moo
  5. Elephant
  6. All of Me
  7. St. Peter
  8. Macaroni and Jesus
  9. Mice and Manners
  10. This Guitar

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