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Wizzz French Psychorama 1967-1970 Volume 3 / Var

Wizzz French Psychorama 1967-1970 Volume 3 / Var

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LP version. Includes six-page booklet. One, two, three... hold your breath for 40 minutes for a peregrination through a special kind of pop music made in France between 1967 and 1970, a mix of ribaldry, flashes of brilliance, and adventurous twists on familiar sounds. We will plunge into French-style pop, unapologetic and defiant; blue-white-and-red pop that does not take itself seriously, not out of line with it's ye-ye contemporaries, who were themselves uninspired by the boring, commercial teenage music that dominated in France at that time. It is pop music fueled by creativity - though not always well-focused - with peculiar arrangements, inspired compositions, and precarious production... but oh so tasty! WIZZZ 3 spotlights French artists who dared to try, to experiment... Includes tracks by Dansez avec Moa, Bernard Chabert, Joanna, Pierre Paul Jacques, Evariste, Jean-Bernard de Libreville, Crischa, Long Chris, Nato, Papy, Fatty Nautty, Balthazar, Jane et Julie, Bruno Leys, and Marcel Artero.


  1. Balthazar - la Marche Des Travailleurs - Balthazar
  2. Bernard Chabert - Helga Selzer - Bernard Chabert
  3. Bernard Chabert - Une Plage Bord?e de Cocotiers - Bernard Chabert
  4. Bruno Leys - Eve - Bruno Leys
  5. Crischa - Paix Sur Terre - Crischa
  6. Dansez Avec Moa - Les Fran?ais Sont Des Veaux - Dansez Avec Moa
  7. Evariste - Les Pommes de Lune - Evariste
  8. Fatty Nauty - Tumba Part 2 - Fatty Nautty
  9. Jane Et Julie - Notre Homme a Moi - Jane Et Julie
  10. Jean Bernard de Libreville - la Juxtaposition 210 - Jean-Bernard de Libreville
  11. Joanna - Hold Up Inusit? - Joanna
  12. Long Chris - N?vralgie Particuli?re - Long Chris
  13. Marcel Artero - Les Drogu?s Du 45 Tours - Marcel Artero
  14. Papy - Toi Le Shazam - Papy
  15. Pierre Paul Jacques - Je Suis Turc - Pierre Paul Jacques
  16. Unknown Artist - Cacharella - Acetate Trouv?e

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