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Live 2007 Northwest Folklife Festival / Various

Live 2007 Northwest Folklife Festival / Various

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The Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle, Washington is the largest community arts festival in the nation, welcoming 275,000 people to the Seattle Center each Memorial Day weekend and presenting more than 900 performers from across the Pacific Northwest. Live from the 2007 Northwest Folklife Festival features recordings from some of the stellar performances you can experience each year at Folklife. In these tracks you can feel the excitement of the crowds, the buzz on the Festival grounds, and the heat of a summer day under the Space Needle as the music of the Northwest Folklife Festival explodes around you.


  1. Outlaw Social - Country Blues
  2. The McKassons - The Grapevine/Piper's Jig
  3. Jim Page - Key to my Soul
  4. Anna Coogan and north19 - State of Grace
  5. Brother Noland - Opelu Story
  6. Brother Noland - Opelu
  7. Hanz Araki - The Month of January
  8. The Gallus Brothers - Winin' Boy Blues
  9. Dave and the Dalmatians - Golubica Bijela
  10. Haugaard & Hãƒâ¸Irup - Middag I Haven (Dinner in the Garden)
  11. Antonio Centurion - Isla Saca
  12. The Kosher Red Hots - A La Una Yo Nasi
  13. Danny Smith - Railroad Yodel
  14. Reilly & Maloney - Bovine Belching
  15. Orkestar Zirkonium - Hot Coals
  16. The Tallboys with Tony Mates - Rabbit in the Brier Patch

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