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My Dad's A Fuckin Alcoholic


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2014 collection from the legendary Colorado Punk band. Aurora's Frantix transfixed the early 1980s Punk scene with their unique sound and chaotic live show. The group's complete recorded works - both EPs plus rare, unreleased and great-sounding demo and live material - are collected here, most tracks appearing for the first time ever. Though many people mistakenly believe that Mudhoney's well-known version of 'My Dad's a Fuckin' Alcoholic' is an original, this is the true KBD classic! the mix of Ricky Kulwicki's unstoppable, lava-flow guitar, Matt Bischoff's droning, carpet-bombing bass, Davey Stewart's train-wreck drums, and Marc Deaton's teenage-zombie vocals is downright legendary.


  1. Face Reality
  2. Cat/Mouse
  3. Sharin Sharon
  4. New Questions
  5. My Dad's a Fucking Alcoholic
  6. Car
  7. You're Ill
  8. My Dad's Dead
  9. Dancin' to Punk [Demo] [Demo Version]
  10. New Questions [Demo] [Demo Version]
  11. Static Cling [Demo] [Demo Version]
  12. FM Ear [Demo] [Demo Version]
  13. Static Cling [Demo #2] [Demo Version]
  14. Paths Unknown [Demo] [Demo Version]
  15. Tomorrow [Demo] [Demo Version]
  16. Interstellar Overdrive [Live][#]
  17. Face Reality [Live][#]
  18. Cat/Mouse [Live][#]
  19. My Dad's Dead [Live][#]
  20. We Noticed [Live][#]
  21. Car [Live][#]
  22. Near Future [Live][#]
  23. My Dad's a Fucking Alcoholic [Live][#]

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