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Under The Moon


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Performances of 13 tunes, all of which are transcribed in the book of the same name.


  1. Bill Malley's Barndance/Kilnamona Barndance
  2. Cloonagroe Reel/West Clare Reel
  3. O'Connell's March/Galway Bay Hornpipe/The Banshee's Wail/Over The Mangle Pit
  4. The Hole In The Hedge/Seamus Cooley's Jog
  5. Bony Crossing The Alps/The Maids Of Feakle
  6. Kitty Come Down To Limerick/Catherine Kelly's
  7. Rakish Paddy
  8. Pat Canny's/Come West Along The Road
  9. Fair Haired Molly/Farewell To Milltown
  10. The Lark's March/Kilfenora Jog/The Cliffs Of Moher
  11. The Graf Spey/The Boys Of Balisodare
  12. The Crooked Road/The Foxhunter's Reel
  13. Lucy Farr's

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