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Electric Kindergarten Vol. 8: Live In Bamberg '95

Perc Meets The Incredible Lovegodz

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"The most gratifying archive analysis that I know!" (J?rg G?lden, formerly chief editor ROLLING STONE, SOUNDS) For the eighth time, Tom THE PERC Redecker opens his sound archive, in which many delicacies are slumbering from around 40 years of underground music "Made in Germany". "Electric Kindergarten" is the name of the evaluation, which is numbered in loose order and pulled into the light of day. Early shots with Gipsy Rover, Pissrinne, K?he im Nebel, The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman, Taras Bulba and The Electric Famile - Tom meticulously captured and collected everything. The tapes are gently reworked but not digitally disfigured. It should be ensured that the respective indie sound of the seventies, eighties and nineties comes across authentically - a documentation of independent German rock music! Since it can already rustle and bruzeln! Tom on these recordings: ?After Emilio Winschetti and I had sent THE PERC MEETS THE HIDDEN GENTLEMAN on a well-deserved vacation in 1994, I noticed after a short time that I had too many new song ideas floating around in my head. I played a couple of songs to Lothar G?rtner from Strange Ways Records, and he just said: "Go on, record the songs, we'll bring your album out!" In the summer of 1995 Strange Ways released my first solo album "Worldlooker"! The reactions were great, so the idea of a live tour soon arose. Harry Payuta (bass, didgeridoo) and guitarist Jochen Schoberth had already played on "Worldlooker". Jochen brought the keyboardist Alexander Popp from Bayreuth, and we recruited the excellent drummer Walt Bender from the Ax Genrich Band, their studio album "Wave Cut" I had produced shortly before. This great band, which I spontaneously called The Incredible Lovegodz, went on ?Worldlooker Tour" in autumn 1995. Our label friends Billy Moffat's Playboy Club were there too, and we spent 3 entertaining, exciting and varied weeks together on the road. A wonderful time that I wouldn't want to miss! The second gig took place on October 2nd at the Fischerhof in Bamberg. How and who recorded this gig can unfortunately no longer be determined. Maybe it was Sticken, our tour technician at the time. I found the recording on a DAT cassette in my archive. Jochen Schoberth has revised it a bit, and here it is. Just right for my archive series The Electric Kindergarten."


  1. Hall of Fame
  2. I love the Lighthouse
  3. Mermaid in the Rain
  4. Plumcake Jesus Fantasy
  5. Smalltown
  6. The Ghostsong
  7. The Lavender Cantos Part 1 - 4
  8. This Moon of both Sides
  9. Welcome
  10. Where the Elk stands

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