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Gwich'in Indians Alaska / Va

Gwich'in Indians Alaska / Va

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The Gwich'in (also known as Kutchin) Indians live across Central and Eastern Alaska, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. Their vocal music represents the more traditional way of experiencing music unaccompanied singing. Their instrumental music, especially played on the fiddle, reflects the influence of explorers, traders, and missionaries on musical tastes. The Gwich'in adopted not only the music that whites introduced but jigs, reels, and square dances. There are several instances as well of Gwich'in adapting Native dance forms to this Western style of music.


  1. Song of the Snow Geese Flying over the Mouth of the Yukon
  2. Love Song
  3. Love Song: Sheenjit Gwiizuu
  4. Love Song: Goodbye Sheenyaa
  5. Medicine Song: Shenyati's Owl Song
  6. Medicine Song
  7. Medicine Song
  8. War Song
  9. Crow Dance Song
  10. Crow Dance Song
  11. Song of Tribute
  12. Song of Tribute
  13. The Boy in the Moon
  14. New Year's Song
  15. Goodby Song
  16. Steamboat Song
  17. Red River Jig, Ch'eenatsii Ch'aradzaa
  18. Duck Dance, Dats'an Ch'aradzaa
  19. Brandy
  20. Rabbit Dance, Ge Ch'aradzaa
  21. Virginia Reel
  22. Double Jig
  23. Fox Trot
  24. Eight Couple, Neekee Do
  25. Square Dance, Second Part
  26. Four Hand Reel, Lady's Earring Dance, Neets'ee T'yaa

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