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Human (REIS)


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On the 20th anniversary of it's initial release and remixed under the watchful eye of longtime Death producer Jim Morris, HUMAN 2011 represents the fully-realized version of this epic album. Now remixed, remastered and repackaged and featuring over an hour of newly unearth and previously unreleased early demo tracks, HUMAN 2011 is the definitive edition of this true metal classic.

Disk 1

  1. Flattening of Emotions
  2. Suicide Machine
  3. Together As One
  4. Secret Face
  5. Lack of Comprehension
  6. See Through Dreams
  7. Cosmic Sea
  8. Vacant Planets
  9. God of Thunder

Disk 2

  1. Flattening of Emotions [Instrumental] [Instrumental][Demo Version]
  2. Suicide Machine [Instrumental] [Instrumental][Demo Version]
  3. Together As One [Instrumental] [Instrumental][Demo Version]
  4. Secret Face [Instrumental] [Instrumental][Demo Version]
  5. Secret Face, Part 2 [Instrumental] [Instrumental][Demo Version]
  6. Lack of Comprehension [Instrumental] [Instrumental][Demo Version]
  7. "Felt Good" [Studio Snippet] [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
  8. See Through Dreams [Instrumental] [Instrumental][Demo Version]
  9. See Through Dreams, Part 2 [Instrumental] [Instrumental][Demo Version]
  10. Vacant Planets [Instrumental] [Instrumental][Demo Version]
  11. Cosmic Sea [Instrumental] [Instrumental][Demo Version]
  12. Cosmic Sea, Part 2 [Instrumental] [Instrumental][Demo Version]
  13. God of Thunder [Instrumental] [Instrumental][Demo Version]
  14. Flattening of Emotion [Demo] [Demo Version]
  15. Lack of Comprehension [Demo] [Demo Version]
  16. Suicide Machine [Demo] [Demo Version]
  17. Together As One [Demo] [Demo Version]
  18. See Through Dreams [Demo] [Demo Version]
  19. Secret Face [Demo] [Instrumental] [Instrumental][Demo Version]
  20. Vacant Planets [Demo] [Instrumental] [Instrumental][Demo Version]

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