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Essential Status Quo (UK)

Status Quo

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Ori. Compilation Release '04,54 of their favorite hits from their long career (1960s-2000s).

Disk 1

  1. Down Down
  2. Nightride
  3. Mad About the Boy
  4. For You
  5. Rockin' All Over the World
  6. Long Legged Linda
  7. Come Rock with Me / Rockin' on
  8. Over the Edge
  9. Something 'Bout You Baby I Like
  10. I Love Rock and Roll
  11. The Wanderer
  12. Overdose
  13. Dreamin'
  14. Everytime I Think of You
  15. Magic
  16. Ain't Complaining
  17. Going Down for the First Time
  18. Perfect Remedy

Disk 2

  1. Roll Over Lay Down
  2. Is There a Better Way
  3. Dirty Water
  4. Whatever You Want
  5. Broken Man
  6. Hold You Back
  7. Lies
  8. I Should Have Known
  9. Little Dreamer
  10. Caroline
  11. In My Chair
  12. Never Too Late
  13. Fine Fine Fine
  14. Backwater
  15. A Mess of Blues
  16. Oh! What a Night
  17. Big Fat Mama
  18. Paper Plane

Disk 3

  1. Again and Again
  2. Don't Waste My Time
  3. Break the Rules
  4. End of the Line
  5. What You're Proposing
  6. Roadhouse Blues
  7. Dear John
  8. Shady Lady
  9. Living on An Island
  10. Burning Bridges (On and Off and on Again)
  11. Forty-Five Hundred Times
  12. Can't Be Done
  13. Unspoken Words
  14. Let Me Fly
  15. Ain't Complaining
  16. Enough Is Enough
  17. Can't Give You More
  18. Rain

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