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Go Go Crankin: Paint White House Black / Var (MOD)

Go Go Crankin: Paint White House Black / Var

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A subgenre of Funk that originated in Washington, D.C., Go-Go is a mixture of Funk, Rhythm and Blues, and early Hip-Hop utilizing horns and lo-fi percussion instruments to accent swing rhythms over a bed of electric guitar, bass and keyboards with an emphasis on live audience call and response. Although Go-Go music cannot be traced back to any one person or group, many bands including Chuck Brown And the Soul Searchers, Trouble Funk and Rare Essence collectively created the sound that would come to be associated with the genre, starting in the early 1980 's. Featured on "Go Go Crankin' - Paint the White House Black," originally released in 1985, are many pioneers of the genre including Chuck Brown And the Soul Searchers, Trouble Funk, Redd's And the Boys and Mass Extension. All selections newly re-mastered. []


  1. Good to Go
  2. Movin' and Groovin'
  3. Let's Get Small
  4. We Need Some Money (Bout Money)
  5. Ooh la la la
  6. Drop the Bomb
  7. It's in the Mix
  8. Somebody's Ringing That Doorbell (Express Yourself) Feat. Sugar Bear
  9. Say What
  10. Happy Feet

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