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White Pony (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (Super Deluxe)(4LP)(2CD)(2 Double -LPs) Soaring to #3 U.S. and cracking the Top 10 in many other countries, Deftones?s 2000 album "White Pony" made it awfully hard to continue to classify the band purely as "nu-metal." They brought prog-rock, shoegaze, trip-hop and more into the mix here, dazzling fans and impressing critics everywhere. Their best-selling album to date, "White Pony" went platinum then and returns now in three deluxe packages. The 2-CD and quadruple 140-gram vinyl versions bring you the original album plus the remix album "Black Stallion." The super deluxe box includes the vinyl and CD editions plus a 24-page book with notes by the band and rare photos as well as a 12" x 12" lithograph. All these editions include the 2000 versions of the songs plus remixes of "Digital Bath" (DJ Shadow Remix), "Rx Queen" (Salva Remix), "Teenager" (Robert Smith Remix), "Change (in the House of Flies)" (Tourist Remix), "Feiticeira" (Clams Casino Remix), "Elite ("Blanck Mass Remix)" and more! Warner Bros.

Disk 1

  1. Digital Bath
  2. Elite
  3. Feiticeira

Disk 2

  1. Rx Queen
  2. Street Carp
  3. Teenager

Disk 3

  1. Knife Prty
  2. Korea
  3. Passenger

Disk 4

  1. Change (In the House of Flies)
  2. Pink Maggit

Disk 5

  1. Digital Bath (DJ Shadow Remix)
  2. Elite (Blanck Mass Remix)
  3. Feiticeira (Clams Casino Remix)
  4. Rx Queen (Salva Remix)

Disk 6

  1. Knife Prty (Purity Ring Remix)
  2. Korea (Trevor Jackson Remix)
  3. Street Carp (Phantogram Remix)
  4. Teenager (Robert Smith Remix)

Disk 7

  1. Change (In The House Of Flies) [Tourist Remix]
  2. Passenger (Mike Shinoda Remix)
  3. Pink Maggit (Squarepusher Remix)

Disk 8

  1. Change (In the House of Flies)
  2. Digital Bath
  3. Elite
  4. Feiticeira
  5. Knife Prty
  6. Korea
  7. Passenger
  8. Pink Maggit
  9. Rx Queen
  10. Street Carp
  11. Teenager

Disk 9

  1. Change (In The House Of Flies) [Tourist Remix]
  2. Digital Bath (DJ Shadow Remix)
  3. Elite (Blanck Mass Remix)
  4. Feiticeira (Clams Casino Remix)
  5. Knife Prty (Purity Ring Remix)
  6. Korea (Trevor Jackson Remix)
  7. Passenger (Mike Shinoda Remix)
  8. Pink Maggit (Squarepusher Remix)
  9. Rx Queen (Salva Remix)
  10. Street Carp (Phantogram Remix)
  11. Teenager (Robert Smith Remix)

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