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Blind Melon

Blind Melon

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Blind Melon is the eponymous debut album by the rock band Blind Melon, released on September 22, 1992 through Capitol Records. "No Rain" became Blind Melon's breakthrough single. Blind Melon's production is marked by the use of outdated amplifiers and other antiquated studio technology. Modern studio effects were not used in it's production as the band wanted to create a pure and "intimate" sounding record. Hoon stated, "We all kind of liked the production that was on a lot of early Stones records, [where] whatever it is you're playing is what it's going to sound like." On the album, Rogers Stevens' guitar playing is predominantly heard in the right channel, while Chris Thorn's is in the left.


  1. Soak the Sin
  2. Tones of Home
  3. I Wonder
  4. Paper Scratcher
  5. Dear Ol' Dad
  6. Change
  7. No Rain
  8. Deserted
  9. Sleepyhouse
  10. Holyman
  11. Seed to a Tree
  12. Drive
  13. Time

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