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Lost & Found (DLCD) (OGV)

Buena Vista Social Club

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World Circuit Records is set to release Buena Vista Social Club's Lost and Found on March 24, distributed in North America by Nonesuch Records. Coming almost two decades after the release of the original Grammy-winning, self-titled LP, the new album is a collection of previously unreleased tracks-some of which were recorded during the original album's sessions in Havana and others from the years that followed. The studio tracks on Lost and Found were recorded at the 1996 Egrem studio sessions in Havana and during a period of rich and prolific creativity stretching into the early 2000 's following the recording of the original album. Lost and Found also features live recordings from the world tours of Buena Vista's legendary veterans.


  1. Bruca Manigua
  2. MacUsa
  3. Tiene Sabor
  4. Bodas de Oro
  5. Black Chicken 37
  6. Habanera
  7. Como Fue
  8. Guajira en F
  9. Quiéreme Mucho
  10. Pedacito de Papel
  11. Mami Me Gustó
  12. Lágrimas Negras
  13. Como Siento Yo
  14. Ruben Sings!

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