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Presidents Of The United States Of America

Presidents Of The United States Of America

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Presidents Of The United States Of America- Presidents Of The United States Of The Presidents of the United States of America scratch that itch that you can't reach. They do and say all those things that you'd like to, but fear what people might think of you. They are your inner-child, but stinking drunk on a half-case of cheap beer. And, with the youthful appeal of the Dead Milkmen, the off-kilter storytelling of Primus, and a razor-sharp sense of irony, they are utterly undeniable. Try, if you will, not to sing along with "Lump." It sticks in your brain after the first chorus and won't leave until you hear something supremely catchy just to scrape the chorus out of heavy frontal lobe rotation. Musically, they keep everything very minimal (they have only five strings between bassist Chris Ballew and guitarist Dave Dederer) and use their incredibly twisted wit to engage the listener. From the punkish "Lump" and "We Are Not Gonna Make It" to the funky "Boll Weevil," the Presidents are the perfect antidote to the serious, heavy-handed rock perpetuated by their Seattle brethren. --Adem Tepedelen Product description Presidents of United States of America ~ The Presidents of the United States of America

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