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How To Train Your Dragon (SCORE) / O.S.T.

How To Train Your Dragon (SCORE) / O.S.T.

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  1. This Is Berk
  2. Dragon Battle
  3. The Downed Dragon
  4. Dragon Training
  5. Wounded
  6. The Dragon Book
  7. Focus, Hiccup!
  8. Forbidden Friendship
  9. New Tail
  10. See You Tomorrow
  11. Test Drive
  12. Not So Fireproof
  13. This Time for Sure
  14. Astrid Goes for a Spin
  15. Romantic Flight
  16. Dragon's Den
  17. The Cove
  18. The Kill Ring
  19. Ready the Ships
  20. Battling the Green Death
  21. Counter Attack
  22. Where's Hiccup?
  23. Coming Back Around
  24. Sticks & Stones
  25. The Vikings Have Their Tea

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