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X-Files: I Want To Believe (SCORE) / O.S.T.

X-Files: I Want To Believe (SCORE) / O.S.T.

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Music composed by Mark Snow and features a never-before-heard "Dying to Live" written and performed by Xzibit.


  1. Moonrise
  2. No Cures/Looking For Fox
  3. The Trip to DC
  4. Father Joe
  5. What If You're Wrong/Sister
  6. Ybara The Strange/Waterboard
  7. Can't Sleep/Ice Field
  8. March and Dig/Girl In The Box
  9. A Higher Conscious
  10. The Surgery
  11. Good Luck
  12. Seizure/Attempted Escape
  13. Foot Chase
  14. Mountain Montage/The Plow
  15. Photo Evidence
  16. The Preparation
  17. Tranquilized
  18. The Axe Post
  19. Box Them
  20. Home Again
  21. The X-Files Theme
  22. Broken
  23. Dying To Live

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