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Walking & Talking / O.S.T.

Walking & Talking / O.S.T.

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This soundtrack features Billy Bragg's "She's Got A New Spell," "Fourteenth Of February," "Must I Paint You A Picture" and "Tom Woke Up My Neighborhood," Frente's "Not Given Lightly," Greenhouse 27's "Going Home," Catherine's "2 am," Joe Henry's "The Diving Bell," Pat Shazar's "Requiem," The Sea & Cake's "Alone For The Moment," Jerry Burns' "Wings Of Desire" and Shrimp Boat's "Small Wonder." The score to the film is provided by Billy Bragg.


  1. She's Got A New Spell - Billy Bragg
  2. Not Given Lightly - Frente
  3. Anticipated Anger Scene - Score
  4. Going Home - Greenhouse 27
  5. Fourteenth Of February - Billy Bragg
  6. 2AM - Catherine
  7. Argue In The Kitchen Scene - Score
  8. The Diving Bell - Joe Henry
  9. Must I Paint You A Picture - Billy Bragg
  10. Requiem - Pal Shazar
  11. Alone For The Moment - The Sea And Cake
  12. Notice Mole Scene - Score
  13. Wings Of Desire - Jerry Burns
  14. Small Wonder - Shrimp Boat
  15. You Wake Up My Neighbourhood - Billy Bragg
  16. Driving Home Scene - Score

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