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Jengo Hooper


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Jengo Hooper is a gory GRINDHOUSE horror movie shot with the look of Super 8mm film, directed by J.Wheeler. A man named Jake Weaver stumbles across an old Jailakung board which he played around with not knowing it would open up the gates of hell. A demonic force latches onto him and takes over his mind slowly, making the good part of him rot away. Almost like a possession by a demon. Only this demon called itself Jengo Hooper. He starts to suffer from terrible nightmares of evil and macabre activities and slowly drives himself over the edge and turns into a real life psycho cannibal killer. He would butcher victims and perform weird acts of joy upon the dead and if that was not enough he would film and take polaroid photographs of all his activities. After some time he decides he can not going on and tries to commit suicide and it's from this point he gets sectioned in Broadmoor Mental prison under the mental health act although the Doctors and medical staff believe he is just suffering from a severe case of Schitzophrenia. This film is a story told through the eyes and mind of this very disturbed individual from the safety of his padded cell. Little did he know that he would pick up many followers along the way, a cult who believed after seeing news broadcasts that this guy is the second coming of Satan and began preparing rituals and ceremonies in the name of the new lord. They even go to the extreme to create promotional materials and videos and sacrifice their own body parts. Expect some seriously mentally disturbing scenes, car chases, hot women, explosions, decapitated body parts and cannabilism. *This film was released as a 142 minute LIMITED RELEASE only film back on 13th December 2013. It gained a cult following and picked up interest from many distributors so the director and producer decided to spend most of 2014 re-editing the film, some scenes got replaced with brand new scenes and the film has been shortened to a faster paced film that runs for 92mins. 'Best Character Winner' [RIP HORROR FILM FESTIVAL] 'Festival Favorite Winner' [RIP HORROR FILM FESTIVAL] 'Audience Choice Winner' [RIP HORROR FILM FESTIVAL] 'Best Actor Nomination' [RIP HORROR FILM FESTIVAL] 'Best Soundtrack Nomination' [RIP HORROR FILM FESTIVAL] 'Best Grindhouse Nomination' [RIP HORROR FILM FESTIVAL] 'Best Editing Nomination' [RIP HORROR FILM FESTIVAL]

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