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Mutant Chronicles Dvd (2PC)


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Here's a retro-futurist fantasy set in a post- apocalyptic 2707, with steam-powered airships, battling corporations circa World War I, and tales of an ancient race buried deep in the bowels of the earth. During a blistering battle between the Bauhaus and Capitol corporations, the seal on an ancient machine is accidentally re-started and the mutants come running out of the hole, quickly reducing most of the earth to blood-splattered ruins. Ron Perlman (HELLBOY) plays a devout spiritual leader who holds a sacred text revealing how to stop the machine, and he needs a few good men (and women) to accompany him into the bowels of mutant hell. Director Simon Hunter Starring Ron Perlman, Thomas Jane, Devon Aoki, Anna Walton, John Malkovich, Special Features: Widescreen - 1.85 Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 English.

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