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311 Day: Live In New Orleans (2PC)


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311 is one of the most exciting, distinctive and successful rock bands in music today. For the past decade their songs have become indispensable staples at Modern Rock radio. Their legendary live shows have acquired and inspired a fervent fan base that awaits their every release. Actors: 311 Special Features: Full Frame Format. Language: English.

Disk 1

  1. Freak Out [DVD Video]
  2. Reconsider Everything [DVD Video]
  3. Taiyed [DVD Video]
  4. Come Original [DVD Video]
  5. Do You Right [DVD Video]
  6. Homebrew [DVD Video]
  7. Love Song [DVD Video]
  8. Jupiter [DVD Video]
  9. Eons [DVD Video]
  10. Beyond the Gray Sky [DVD Video]
  11. Offbeat Bareass [DVD Video]
  12. Large in the Margin [DVD Video]
  13. Galaxy [DVD Video]
  14. Gap [DVD Video]
  15. Flowing [DVD Video]
  16. Use of Time [DVD Video]
  17. Visit [DVD Video]
  18. Other Side of Things [DVD Video]
  19. Sweet [DVD Video]
  20. White Man in Hammersmith Palais [DVD Video]
  21. Amber [DVD Video]
  22. Paradise [DVD Video]
  23. Life's Not a Race [DVD Video]
  24. Welcome [DVD Video]
  25. Applied Science [DVD Video]
  26. 8: 16 Am [DVD Video]
  27. Champagne [DVD Video]
  28. Freeze Time [DVD Video]
  29. Sever [DVD Video]
  30. Stealing Happy Hours [DVD Video]
  31. T & P Combo [DVD Video]
  32. Cali Soca [DVD Video]
  33. My Stony Baby [DVD Video]
  34. Purpose [DVD Video]
  35. Summer of Love [DVD Video]
  36. Seems Uncertain [DVD Video]
  37. You Wouldn't Believe [DVD Video]
  38. Lose [DVD Video]
  39. Unity [DVD Video]
  40. Hydroponic [DVD Video]
  41. Feels So Good [DVD Video]

Disk 2

  1. Creatures (For a While) [DVD Video]
  2. Lucky [DVD Video]
  3. Random [DVD Video]
  4. D'Yer Mar'er [DVD Video]
  5. Running [DVD Video]
  6. Starshines [DVD Video]
  7. Beautiful Disaster [DVD Video]
  8. Juan Bond [DVD Video]
  9. Crack the Code [DVD Video]
  10. Outside [DVD Video]
  11. Don't Stay Home [DVD Video]
  12. Nix Hex [DVD Video]
  13. Light Years [DVD Video]
  14. Sick Tight [DVD Video]
  15. Let the Cards Fall [DVD Video]
  16. Right Now [DVD Video]
  17. Don't Dwell [DVD Video]
  18. Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm [DVD Video]
  19. All Mixed Up [DVD Video]
  20. Omaha Stylee [DVD Video]
  21. Down [DVD Video]
  22. Who's Got the Herb [DVD Video]
  23. Fuck the Bullshit [DVD Video]

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