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Joni Mitchell Collectors Edition (2PC) / (COLL)


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Disk 1

  1. Childhood/Beginnings: All I Want/Urge for Going/Little Green/Both
  2. Greenwich Village/Laurel Canyon (The 60's): Cactus/Circle Game/Chelsea
  3. First Record/Carnegie Hall/Woodstock: Marcie/Conversation/Morning
  4. Romance with Graham Nash Creative Process: My Old Man/The Agreement
  5. Blue/Retreat/Transformation: Blue/A Case for You/For
  6. New Musical Languages/Painting: Amelia/Hejira/Coyote/Cotton Avenue
  7. Marriage and Divorce/Social Commentary/Honors: Wild Things Run Fast
  8. Full Circle: Stay in Touch/Both Sides Now [DVD]
  9. Bonus Features [DVD]

Disk 2

  1. Introduction [DVD][Live]
  2. Big Yellow Taxi [DVD][Live]
  3. Just Like This Train [DVD][Live]
  4. Night Ride Home [DVD][Live]
  5. Crazy Cries of Love [DVD][Live]
  6. Harry's House [DVD][Live]
  7. Black Crow [DVD][Live]
  8. Amelia [DVD][Live]
  9. Hejira [DVD][Live]
  10. Sex Kills [DVD][Live]
  11. The Magdelene Laundries [DVD][Live]
  12. Moon at the Window [DVD][Live]
  13. Facelift [DVD][Live]
  14. Why Do Fools Fall in Love? [DVD][Live]
  15. Trouble Man [DVD][Live]
  16. Nothing Can Be Done [DVD][Live]
  17. Song for Sharon [DVD][Live]
  18. Woodstock [DVD][Live]
  19. Dream Land [DVD][Live]

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