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Daylight Moonlight: Kitaro Live In Yakushiji (2PC)


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In a special event for world peace, Kitaro performed three shows in the holy temple of Yakushiji in Nara, Japan. It is also the resting place of the ashes of Genjo Sanzo, the 7th Century monk who walked the Silk Road from Japan to India and back. It was Genjo who brought back from India the sacred texts that introduced Buddhism into China and Japan. "It was Genjo's journey that originally inspired the Silk Road music," recalls Kitaro. "I was hoping to capture in the music him experience along the way. And the passion we expressed in the Yakushiji concert reflected, I believe, the passion of Genjo's journey." on three late-summer evenings in 2001, beneath a brilliant full moon, Kitaro and his ensemble, four extraordinary young Japanese musicians, gathered in Yakushiji to perform the first concert ever presented in the venerable temple. Includes: Monk's Introduction Hazimari/Sozo Caravansary Silk Road Magma Mercury Water of Mystery Estrella Koi Wa Free Flight Heaven and Earth.

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