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TANGLED - ULTRA HD - In this charming retelling of the Grimm's fairy-tale, Rapunzel is the kidnapped daughter of the king and queen. The witch, Gothel, who wants to use Rapunzel for the youth-giving qualities of her magical hair, pretends to be her overprotective mother. Rapunzel, however, has become fascinated with the floating lanterns that the kingdom releases each year on her birthday. So, when the dashing rogue Flynn Rider shows up, stolen crown in tow, Rapunzel seizes her opportunity to partake in a guided tour of the kingdom. She blackmails Flynn by hiding his loot, and soon they are off on an epic adventure. Since Flynn is a wanted man, they spend considerable time along the way avoiding capture. By the time their misadventures carry them to view the floating lights, Rapunzel and Flynn are falling in love. Their romantic moment is short-lived due to Flynn's criminal past. He decides to turn over a new leaf and hand the crown, which Rapunzel has finally given him, over to his evil partners. However, Gothel has joined with them, and Flynn ends up bound and sent to the guards. Gothel sells Flynn's betrayal to Rapunzel and they return home, but it doesn't take long for Rapunzel to put the pieces together and confront Gothel. Meanwhile, Flynn escapes capture and returns to rescue Rapunzel. Ultimately, Flynn is wounded and Rapunzel means to sacrifice her own freedom so that she may heal him. Unwilling to allow her to do so, he cuts her hair even though it means his own death. The last drop of magic, hidden in her tears, falls on him and saves his life. Flynn lives, Gothel is defeated, and Rapunzel is reunited with her true family. In the tradition of the fairy-tale, they live happily ever after.

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