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Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland

Dvd (Blu Ray)

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West Center Oaks - Omaha, NE

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The Time Machine Tour is an evening with Rush; performing their classics, providing a taste for the future, and featuring the legendary MOVING PICTURES album live in it's entirety. This is the first Rush Blu-ray filmed in the United States and Cleveland was chosen as the location because it was the first city in the country to embrace Rush's music.


  1. The Spirit of Radio
  2. Time Stand Still
  3. Presto
  4. Stick It Out
  5. Workin' Them Angels
  6. Leave That Thing Alone
  7. Faithless
  8. BU2B
  9. Freewill
  10. Marathon
  11. Subdivisions
  12. Tom Sawyer
  13. Red Barchett
  14. Yyz
  15. Limelight
  16. The Camera Eye
  17. Witch Hunt
  18. Vital Signs
  19. Caravan
  20. Drum Solo
  21. 2112 Part I: Overture
  22. 2112 Part II: The Temples of Syrinx
  23. Far Cry
  24. La Villa Strangiato
  25. Working Man

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