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Jurassic Planet: Dino-Spelling


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Welcome to Jurassic Planet! Summer is almost over and school is about to start. For the baby dinos of Jurassic Planet is time for the annual spelling bee contest! Besties Chow the friendly brontosaurus and Bash the adorable Iguanodon team up with besties Kona the gentle triceratops, Spiker the stegosaurus, and Willow the feisty Ankylosaurus to prepare for the big event. When they hear from Buddy the adventurous Parasaurolophus about a magical stone called Tara-Tara that can grant any wish one desires, the young dinos set forth on an adventure to discover the stone and use it to win the spelling bee. Will professor Fang the vegan T-Rex help the baby dinos on their quest? And will they find Tara-Tara before the contest is upon them? Join the adventure and find out! It's Jurassic Planet 4 Dino-spelling!

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