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Don't Forget Motor City / Various (3PC)


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This triple-DVD set will indeed have you dancing in the street-it features 100 vintage videos of Motown artists, both household names and obscure-but-sought-after artists! Here are a few tidbits: Step into My Shoes Martha Reeves & the Vandellas; Crazy 'Bout the Guy Supremes; Helpless Kim Weston; Love Machine Miracles; He Really Was Sayin' Somethin' Velvelettes; Holding on with Both Hands Marvelettes, and more from Edwin Starr, Chuck Jackson, the Contours, Johnny Bristol, Billy Preston, Brenda Holloway and many, many more. Three hours of Motor City soul!

Disk 1

  1. You're the Answer to My Dreams [DVD]
  2. Love Machine [DVD]
  3. Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) [DVD]
  4. It Keeps Reminding Me [DVD]
  5. Don't Wait Around [DVD]
  6. Watching the Hands of Time [DVD]
  7. Where Is the Sound [DVD]
  8. What Does It Take to Win Your Love [DVD]
  9. Footsteps Following Me [DVD]
  10. Run Like a Rabbit [DVD]
  11. Love Runs Out [DVD]
  12. Grazing in the Grass [DVD]
  13. Reconsider [DVD]
  14. Mister Wonderful [DVD]
  15. Oooh Child [DVD]
  16. Our Love Is in the Pocket [DVD]
  17. It'll Never Be Over for Me [DVD]
  18. Lightning Never Strikes Twice [DVD]
  19. Signal Your Intention [DVD]
  20. Love Running Through My Fingers [DVD]
  21. Nowhere to Run [DVD]
  22. This Man Needs You [DVD]
  23. Let Me Down Easy [DVD]
  24. Flashback [DVD]
  25. Don't Mess with Bill [DVD]
  26. You're My Eternity [DVD]
  27. Give Me Your Love [DVD]
  28. Heading Away from Heartaches [DVD]
  29. Weak Hearted [DVD]
  30. If at First You Don't Succeed [DVD]
  31. No Right Turn [DVD]
  32. What's Wrong with Me Baby [DVD]
  33. You Can Bet Your Love [DVD]
  34. Shake Me Wake Me [DVD]

Disk 2

  1. Heaven Must Have Sent You [DVD]
  2. Holding on with Both Hands [DVD]
  3. All Over the World [DVD]
  4. If the Shoe Fits [DVD]
  5. It's a Shame [DVD]
  6. My Brother [DVD]
  7. Helpless [DVD]
  8. Darling Darling Baby [DVD]
  9. Lucky Number [DVD]
  10. Timeless [DVD]
  11. Funny How We Changed Places [DVD]
  12. On Top of the World [DVD]
  13. There's Nothing Else to Say [DVD]
  14. Janice Don't Be So Blind to Love [DVD]
  15. I've Seen the Light [DVD]
  16. If You Don't Want My Love [DVD]
  17. Something New to Do [DVD]
  18. I Can't Help Myself [DVD]
  19. You Hit Me Where It Hurt Me [DVD]
  20. Talk of the Grapevine [DVD]
  21. You're My Loveline [DVD]
  22. I Have Faith in You [DVD]
  23. Day by Day [DVD]
  24. That's Just Never Enough [DVD]
  25. Keep on Loving Me [DVD]
  26. Look at What I Almost Missed [DVD]
  27. First I Look at the Purse [DVD]
  28. I'm Learning to Trust My Man [DVD]
  29. Six by Six [DVD]
  30. Still in Love with You [DVD]
  31. Rosemary What Happened [DVD]
  32. Headline News [DVD]
  33. Never Say Never [DVD]

Disk 3

  1. Crazy Bout the Guy [DVD]
  2. Step into My Shoes [DVD]
  3. He Was Really Saying Something [DVD]
  4. Running in Circles [DVD]
  5. Take the Train [DVD]
  6. Does Your Mama Know About Me [DVD]
  7. I Hurt on the Other Side [DVD]
  8. Try It One More Time [DVD]
  9. Wholeheartedly [DVD]
  10. Just Like You Did Me [DVD]
  11. Back Street [DVD]
  12. Surrender [DVD]
  13. My Sugar Baby [DVD]
  14. Look Up to the Sky [DVD]
  15. Close My Eyes [DVD]
  16. Good Times Up Ahead [DVD]
  17. Waiting for the Day [DVD]
  18. Fire Alarm [DVD]
  19. Build a Foundation [DVD]
  20. Don't You Worry Baby the Best Is Yet to Come [DVD]
  21. Going to a Go-Go [DVD]
  22. Ready or Not Here I Come [DVD]
  23. How Sweet It Is [DVD]
  24. Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead [DVD]
  25. You See the Trouble with Me [DVD]
  26. Step into My Shoes [DVD]
  27. Darling Baby [DVD]
  28. Please Let Me In [DVD]
  29. Souvenirs of Love [DVD]
  30. Touch Me in the Morning [DVD]
  31. You Are the Sunshine of My Life [DVD]
  32. One Heart for Hire [DVD]
  33. My Girl [DVD]

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