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Over the past five years, Magdalene ( Tyler Tx ) has become one of the premier East Texas bands. The evolution of their song-writing has become more aggressive and passionate over time, and the lyrics convey intense emotions that span the spectrum. Magdalene's success has taken them straight to broadjam's top 10 nearly a dozen times in the past year for the categories rock, rock alternative, and ages 15-24. Magdalene's signature song, Look Away, was chosen for discmakers 2005 compilation CD. Magdalene also boasts over 2500 CD's sold at their local hastings and during shows in the Texas and Louisiana regions. Lead vocalist, Joanna, brings a vivid physicality to the vocals that is edgy, yet sensual. Watching Joanna's powerful and soulful delivery of the music with an aggression and compassion keeps loyal fans coming back for more. Lead Guitarist, Peter, is uninhibited and energetic while expressing the music through his axe. Fans are drawn to his charisma and will tell you his soul bleeds for the music. Rhythm guitarist, Mike, is the glue that hold the music of Magdalene together. Fans describe Mike as a catechism of many raw emotions that he will only exhibit through playing music. Mac, the hard pounding drummer for Magdalene, endows a vigorous and effectual application of power to the band. Mac plays from his gut with true conviction. Bass player, Brett brings a unique style and blows fans away with his intricate bass riffs. He is an accomplished artist who has proven to be a vital asset to the Magdalene experience. Magdalene continues to gig in the Texas and Louisiana area and plans to expand it's tour to surrounding states during the course of the next year. Magdalene will also be releasing their debut CD during the next several weeks. The music for their next album is more intense and is worthy of airplay on any reputable radio network. ..........Whatever u do-Turn it ..*&!@..all the way UP! Enjoy.


  1. Addicted
  2. Listen
  3. Own Me
  4. Forsaken
  5. Scars
  6. End of Light
  7. If You Want Me to
  8. Everything
  9. Watch You Breathe
  10. Haunted
  11. Leave
  12. Plead
  13. If Not Me

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