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Sci-Fi Trash-O-Rama: 3 Sci-Fi Epics


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Buckle-up for a trashy thrill-ride as this collection of Sci-Fi's "Tarnished Gold" escapes before your startled eyes! CREATURE OF DESTRUCTION (1967) is certainly one of Larry Buchanan's most distinguished efforts. A great cast includes monster movie veteran Les Tremayne and BEACH PARTY regular Aron Kincaid... there's even a great song inspired by the then popular BATMAN TV series! The monster is laughable, so don't say we didn't warn you! FLYING SAUCER MYSTERY (1950) gives you a peek at the early UFO scare catching fire in country at the time. Scientists with incredibly straight faces give out the unwashed truth about flying saucers and visitors from outer space. UFO - TARGET EARTH (1974) is one funky little movie in which a noted researched delves too deep into the mystery of alien visitations in a backwoods rural community and begins to fall victim to his own investigation. This one looks like it was filmed on LSD. Bonus Feature: SCI-FI TV TOY COMMERCIALS - a short collection of "Out of This World" toys including the Great Garloo, King Zor and the fabulous Robot Commando!

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