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Project X / (AUS NTSC)


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Following orders isn't the only way to become a hero. Matthew Broderick stars as Jimmy Garrett, a screw-up Air Force jet jockey who is transferred to the 'Experimental Pilot Performance Project' where chimpanzees - including a remarkable young chimp named Virgil - are taught to operate flight simulators. But when Jimmy discovers that the chimps will ultimately be used in a horrific experiment, he desperately seeks out the university researcher (Oscarr winner Helen Hunt, As Good As It Gets) who taught Virgil to communicate. Time is running out. The military is closing in. Can two unlikely heroes and an extraordinary group of apes defy the odds, escape the danger and end the top-secret terror of Project X? William Sadler (The Shawshank Redemption) and Jean Smart (Bringing Down The House) co-star in thisacclaimed hit from the writers of WarGames and the director of Heart Like A Wheel.

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