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Killer Clowns


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A Killer Clown phenomena is sweeping across the country. Clowns hiding in the bushes to scare small children for the Clown prank phenomenon on youtube. How can the whole world be scared of clowns? Well they are, and it's called coulrophobia, an international epidemic and more coulrophobiacs are jumping on board every day. Experts say there's a deeper issue deep within the human psyche, that it's a reaction to a world gone wrong, a world that doesn't make sense anymore and perhaps never did. The never ending rules and regs for merely living a simple life on planet Earth have proven too much for many and so they snap in various ways. To allow the afflicted to face their fears, and for the pure enjoyment of others not (yet) infected with the virus, get your Killer Clown fix on! Clownophobia Aaron surrenders into a boring marriage and the obligatory loser day job, steadily losing hope for his lifelong aspiration. But with news of a real serial killer on the loose in his hometown, he sees a unique opportunity to make his childhood dream of becoming a Killer Clown into a reality. Sloppy The Clown After a cruel twist of fate, Sloppy finds himself without his beloved job as a children's clown and starts slipping deeper and deeper into the abyss. An endless bout of bad luck sends him over the edge and unleashes a psychopathic rage so insane that even John Wayne Gacy would be shocked.

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