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Sword & Sandal Double Feature / (DVR)


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THOR AND THE AMAZON WOMEN (1963): Tamar, merciless queen of the Amazons, rules the far-off land of Aprisia. The men, deemed inferior, are forced to work in the mines, while the women entertain the Queen by competing in savage contests of strength at the colosseum. An ancient prophecy speaks of a mighty hero who will lead the slaves in revolt against their wicked ruler. That man is Thor, the Viking warrior from Earth's prehistoric past. Thor must inspire the men to break their shackles and rise up in rebellion against Queen Tamar and her ruthless Amazon warriors born and bred for combat.

SON OF SAMSON (1960): More than 3000 years ago, the Egyptian people lived in misery and poverty thanks to the conquering Persians. The aging Pharaoh Armitree and his young, beautiful wife, Queen Smedes, were allowed a life of luxury as long as they ensured the people of the Nile toiled on behalf of their conquerors. At this time of greatest need arrives Maciste, a strongman who many believe to be the son of Samson because of his supernatural strength. The Egyptians hope that just as Samson slew the Philistines, his son will vanquish the Persians, but the lusty Queen would rather have Maciste as her new mate...

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