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Tarzan The Tiger


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Filmed as a silent, a music track and sound effects were added, making this the first 'sound' Tarzan. The audio track contains the very first Tarzan yell, invented by Frank Merrill a 36-year-old gymnastics champion. Frank Merrill as 'Tarzan the Tiger', would also introduce acrobatics, such as rope-climbing and vine-swinging, which would remain fixtures in all subsequent Tarzan films. Natalie Kingston, 24, as 'Lady Jane', Tarzan's wife, would don a costume very similar to the one Maureen O'Sullivan wore starting with TARZAN ESCAPES, through the remainder of her MGM films. AND Kingston would perform a breast-baring swim, five YEARS before the famous TARZAN AND HIS MATE nude underwater romp. 15 Chapters - 266 minutes - Tinted.

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