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Out Of The Ashes


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Consumption formed in late 2002 when Gina Turner wanted to give her acoustic show a kick in the ass. She'd been working with a bassist for months before Alex Rogers happened out to see her play. Alex and his many snare drums jumped on board and Consumption (then a 3-piece) took to the stage almost immediately. Thus began a year of steady (if not sometimes grueling) live shows extending to both reaches of the MS gulf coast. With the departure of the bassist, Gina and Alex spent the next year in studios all over the MS gulf coast defining their selves, and refining their sound. They worked with many potential bassists to no avail, but managed to snag a second guitarist, Scott Saxon, before heading into seclusion. In early 2005, Consumption emerged from a yearlong hiatus and went back into the studio to work with producer Chris Mara on what would be the "most awesome project we've done, and by far, the most representative of Consumption's sound." (Turner) The band released it's EP Out of the Ashes to college radio in August 2005, receiving airplay at almost 200 stations across the U.S. and into Canada. Since the release of the EP and a return to their original 3-piece line-up they've followed up with live shows at home and into Louisiana, and are now discussing the possibility of touring in support of their work. The EP was licensed out to MTV's 'My Super Sweet 16'.


  1. The Monster the Man
  2. Breaking the Day
  3. Playing God
  4. After the Last
  5. Lights Out
  6. Madaline

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