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March Of The Wooden Soldiers / (MOD)


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MARCH OF THE WOODEN SOLDIERS - 1934 - Mother Peep is behind on payments for her shoe, in which she houses a nursery full of children. Seeing this as his chance to marry Mother's beautiful daughter, Bo, curmudgeon mortgage holder Silas Barnaby threatens to foreclose unless Mother will arrange the marriage. In clumsy, comic fashion, Stannie Dum and Ollie Dee square off against Silas Barnaby to save Mother, Bo, and their beloved shoe. Though never short on schemes, Dum and Dee are long on incompetence, and all their efforts seem only to hasten Barnaby to the fulfillment of his wicked plan. Perhaps they can find a way to leverage their ineptitude to save poor Bo from a miserable fate? B&W Comedy/Family/Fantasy 77 minutes

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