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Live At Rudyards Houston Tx (CDR)


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Well sometimes life can throw you some curve balls and somehow it ends up a homerun. The beginning of May sent the Parish Commissioners on their first 'tour' of the deep Southeast. As the weeks approached, several dates were just falling apart and half of the run ended cancelled. After a few shows north with Molly Sue Gonzalez and The Mean Mean Men, Vince and I met up with drummer Mark in Nashville, Tennessee to head on down to Birmingham, AL to kick off what was left of this run as The Parish Commissioners. Baton Rouge and Lafayette, LA had already fallen through for the coming but we were gonna make the best of what we still had. So after already 9 hours of driving under our belt we pushed on. Birmingham Alabama at The Nick for 'service industry night' and Cinco De Mayo. The crowd was very thin, but the folks that were there really appreciated the music and I was also turned onto my first sake bomb by the sound man. I was immediately turned back off haha. Somethings I guess are best unknown. But let's try to move this along a little... We were left with only 2 shows in New Orleans before making our first trek out to Houston, TX the following Saturday. NOLA was rough on us. It was imediatley after Jazz Fest and it really was kind of a ghost town down there. But we made the best of our time and I never regret the chance to spend a few days with my Nashville boys. I had been growing sicker as the week went on though. And now it seems Vince had it too. Between the cancels and the crowd turnouts, I was ready to throw in the towel. I've been playing music in front of people for over 30 years and maybe it was just time to retire. Ya know there are a million new kids out there these days that are blazing the trails to the roots-music mecca (whereever the hell that is ha.) But ya know, over half of those roots kids at ain't worth a damn. But that is another story entirely. So off we go to Houston. Sick, rain, and can barely talk. Did I mention the fact that Vince was also up most of the night vomiting and probably said 5 words the whole trip? But we make it and unload our gear up a huge flight of stairs. Keep in mind I'm still sick, tired, old, and grumpy. But the room looks awesome! Dark, divey, and looks like many a good night was spent in this place. Then we went on to our introductions with The Dolly Rockers and The Dead Rabbits. Every single one of these people (I bet there were 10 Dead Rabbits and I know there is a joke in there somewhere I haven't worked up yet, ha) were just completley cool to us. So time to put my big boy pants on and give em the rock show they were looking for. About 4 jager bombs in (ya know, for medicinal purposes) we hit the stage and not that I have the smoothest voice in the world usually, but damn I'm 'froggy' as fuck! But we make the best of it. We start into our honky-tonk part of the show while Vince is head down, but still nailing it. We were the opener. First of 3 bands so we only had to keep it together for 45 minutes. As my voice got worse and worse on each tune, we decided to shift gears. If I can't sing em, I can still scream em. And scream em we did. Breaking into some of our favorite covers of CCR, Blue Cheer, The M-80s, The Left, and The Stooges. The crowd was great and very responsive to the heavier stuff. Houston likes to ROCK!! So after getting back home to Louisiana, I begin to sort through all of the recordings. Mark has a yamaha portable recorder where he archives every performance. We had listened to the Birmingham show where we had the pleasure of working with Delbert McClinton's sound man and had talked about releasing it as a little live record. But then I had this disc from Houston. We had gotten a board mix from Joe Omelchuck with RBI Recording. And this thing was just on fire! Warts, vomit, pallups and all! So this little record is just a moment in time that reminds you (or in this instant sonically slaps you in the face) just why you get out there sometimes and do what ya do. So I hope you enjoy this album as The Parish Commissioners live on....

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