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Family Party 30 Great Games

Nintendo Wii

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Play 30 fun, highly addictive games optimized for the Wii remote Many types of play with both coordination and brain games Play single player against computer-controlled opponents, or play against friends Choose from a dozen crazy characters to play Unique new approach to playground and sports Family Party: 30 Great Games lets up to four players join in a wide variety of games that are fun for the whole family. Featuring everything from Track and Field competitions to shooting games, and making full use of all the madcap action allowed by the Wii controller, these addictive games will provide hour after hour of incredible entertainment.From Zany to Brainy Family Party will have you frantically shaking your Wii remote to make your character run, and mashing the A and B buttons to jump over hurdles and smash through paper walls in track-and-field type events. You'll also be kept on the edge of your seat as you hold the remote sideways and manipulate the D pad to get your character across a teetering platform. More than just physically challenging, some of these games require serious mental concentration, like the counting game that has you counting up higher and higher with only the first five numbers to start you off. From coordination to intense meditation, this pack of games will keep your whole family on its figurative and literal toes.Work Your Way Through Loads of Fun Gamers should start off with the single-player Challenge mode. Not only will this familiarize users with the various game types by putting them through a random set of games, but it will also unlock the mini-games for Battle mode where up to four players can go head-to-head. And while there are ultimately 12 character profiles to choose from, several of which are pretty wild, there are some that require you to unlock them first. In Battle mode, gamers can select up to six games at a time, allowing users to play them all consecutively without having to interrupt the fun every time with the menu screen. There are also five themes that gamers will need to master, including: shooting, muscle, castle, athletic, and variety. And while some mini-games use the same controls, there is a wide enough selection of random challenges to keep gamers working on their skills to gain mastery. Family Party: 30 Great Games is a challenging but highly entertaining collection of mini-games that will have you coming back time after time, whether you are on your own, or trying to take the title from your family and friends. Family Party: 30 Great Games is a silly and entertaining collection of mini-games that will have you coming back time after time. Product description Family Party: 30 Great Games has more than 30 fun games to play. Tackle obstacle courses, plate spin, fire laser guns, test your wit at memory games and more. It is optimized for the Wii Remote.

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