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Biker Mice From Mars

Playstation 2

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Play 3 cool characters, each with their own special attacks and skills 8 action packed Racing and Melee combat missions (4 each) Powerslide your way around high speed tracks, to beat enemies and bosses Perform huge jumps across Chicago freeways and Martian plains Pick up and use weapons and objects as you brawl Melee style & battle mid- and end bossesThe Biker Mice From Mars are on a quest to get hold of the Regenerator - the only device that can save their home planet from destruction. Join the popular trio on their mission to rescue Stoker, a famous General from the Martian Wars. He's the only one who can build the Regenerator, but he has been kidnapped and is being held captive at Rump Towers. Your bros will help you as you protect Stoker from the bad guys and help him collect some of the vital components he needs to build the regenerator. Will they be able to protect both the Regenerator and Stokes?

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