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The exhilaration of back country snowboarding on your Xbox 360 Five real mountains each have over 45 square-miles of terrain Dynamic weather affects gameplay in real time Support for multiplayer lets you ride with or against your friends Take photos of the mountain or other boarders doing Stoked for Xbox 360 by Destineer, and developed by Bongfish, brings you the thrill of back country snowboarding and the chance to explore real-world locales in the comfort of your living room. With five huge renowned mountains all yours to play with, Stoked lets you bypass the typical stale resorts for a unique and exhilarating ride experience every time. Real Riders, Real Sponsors, Real Mountains Stoked gives you a taste of the real thing, with authenticity stamped all over the game. Renowned riders such as Nicolas Mueller, Travis Rice, Annie Boulanger, Wolle Nyvelt, Tadashi Fuse, and Romain de Marchi are featured in the game, as well as popular sponsors such as Burton, Von Zipper, Billabong, Oakley, Vans, and more. Throughout the game, you'll have opportunities to customize your character and his or her style. The real stars, however, are the five mountains: Mt. Fuji, Alaska, Mt. Shuksan, Almirante Nieto, and Diablerets in the Swiss Alps. On each peak, you'll have more than 45 square-miles of open terrain to explore, and with the help of a helicopter, you'll be able to find new drop points. As you ride, you'll have to complete different challenges on each run. You'll be able to perform a wide variety of tricks that run the gamut from jumps to grinds to grabs, all with the analog sticks for a great amount of control. Dynamic Weather Changes That Affect Gameplay The weather changes unpredictably in real time and affects the game. The game clock is tied to the real world clock, so if you turn the game on at 10PM, you'll be doing some night riding, while you'll be ready for some glare when you ride at noon. If it is snowing, you'll actually notice the snow accumulate onto the ground over time, opening up new paths and opportunities for different tricks. Going down the same path can be a wildly different experience! Get Famous and Have Others Mimic You As you progress in the game and become famous, other riders will start mimicking your style. Whether you are a hucker or stylish snowboarder, you'll notice riders on your mountain emulate you. You'll also notice, as you develop your own style, that your own idiosyncrasies change both in the air and on the ground. Go On a Group Ride with Your Friends You can invite your friends for an instant drop-in at any time, and create cooperative and competitive challenges starting from custom drop points. There are also Xbox Live sponsored events where you can put yourself up against other boarders to gain more fame. Take Photos of Your Surroundings and Other Riders If you ever take a breather while riding, you can whip out your camera and take photos of your surroundings or other snowboarders pulling off tricks. When playing multiplayer, you'll be able to take pictures of your friends doing tricks -- or a face plant -- and send them along. Product Description Head into the backcountry and experience Stoked, the open-world snowboarding game that lets you choose where, when and in what conditions you want to ride as you work your way up the ranks of the sports to become the hottest rider in the world! Every single inch of five huge mountains can be explored, complete with dynamic weather conditions that change how and where you can ride. Set a trend with Style Crafting as other riders on the mountain adapt to mimic how you ride and how you dress.

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