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Hitman Contracts

Playstation 2

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The thrill of the original Hitman missions return - multiple objectives and multiple ways of achieving them Play out each of Agent 47's nightmarish flashbacks as a mission -- each one holds a piece of the story, explaining what happened to him New attacks for stealth killing and more alert enemies make the action more challenging than ever Sneak into a Russian base to destroy a submarine, or murder a prominent Asian politician - and other dangerous missions that challenge your ability to think fast & improvise Amazing new weapons, from a fiberwire(for strangling) to meat hooks, syringes, Chinese swords, even new sniper rifles and twin UzisProduct Description Agent 47 is back—more efficient and dangerous than ever at subduing his targets. Travel the world in search of contracts and utilize multiple strategies and weaponry to accomplish your task. Features an all-new graphics engine, weapon set and even more creative AI than ever before! Review With a body count that doubles on each passing day, it was only a matter of time before Agent 47 cracked. In this third installment in the Hitman series, IO Interactive is inviting players to step into the mind of this ruthless contract killer and experience his mental anguish firsthand. Within the first few seconds the game, players bear witness to Agent 47 collapsing to the floor and losing consciousness. This spurs an interactive dream sequence set within a mental institution (which may seem familiar to those of you who played through the previous two titles). As Agent 47 fades in and out of consciousness, many of the stages that you will traverse represent a different memory in his tormented mind. Taking a stroll down memory lane, you'll perform the hits that shaped him into the hard-hearted killing machine that he is today. Invading Agent 47's brain is a clever idea that does help flesh out the character to a certain degree, but I had an incredibly difficult time following the plotline. As clichéd as the previous two stories were, you couldn't help but fall in love with the events at hand. In this game, each passing second brought greater disinterest and a longing for the game to lose the artistic storytelling and get back to a hackneyed motion picture plot. The delivery of Agent 47's exploits is just the tip of the iceberg concerning material that doesn't sit well. Regarding gameplay, IO has made significant strides to open it up and grant players greater freedom of choice. No longer are you railroaded into using just one technique to perform a hit. You can usually find two or three methods that will work. While I did get a kick out of watching Agent 47 put someone down with a syringe to the neck or a pillow to the face, I mostly relied on running and gunning to clear out areas. The first-person element works much better this time around (although the gun graphics are still quite appalling), and your foes usually don't show the greatest of intelligence when they lay down an assault. You can usually lead them into a trap, and within seconds, have a pile of six or seven guards at your feet. Of course, the option to sneak through every stage undetected is still there, but you are rarely forced to duck out of sight.Without being coerced into using a specific technique, you just feel lost in Contracts' massive levels. You'll often find yourself wandering aimlessly looking for the needle in the haystack that will complete the next objective. There really aren't any tense situations, calculated hits, or elements of surprise this time around.Making the gameplay less linear really threw a kink in the chemistry that worked so well in the first two games. All told, Contracts is an ambitious release for IO, but the end result is a garbled mess of a game that has lost its way.Concept:Learn how Agent 47 became a contract killer through slightly confusing storytelling, and missions that are not nearly as taxing Graphics:The environment detailing and realism in the character models is outstanding, but the first-person gun graphics are downright appalling Sound:The soundtrack and ambient noises are implemented brilliantly and add punch to the experience Playability:Not nearly as demanding of skill. Running and gunning usually works best Entertainment:Easily the worst entry in the series. It no longer has that killer hook Replay:Moderately Low Rated: 7.25 out of 10Editor: Andrew ReinerIssue: June 20042nd Opinion: Hitman 2 was a refreshing addition to the stealth game canon, and a wildly popular console hit. However, it was a fairly linear adventure, forcing you to use a ton of trial-and-error and quick saving as you de

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