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Tomb Raider Ii


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PlayStation Video Game Action / Adventure Lara Croft Tomb Lara Croft is back... and repackaged. The sequel to the top-selling action adventure game Tomb Raider has now been rereleased as part of Sony's discount Greatest Hits program--which means that you can now get one of the most popular games for the PlayStation at a reduced price. Tomb Raider II offers a stunning game environment decorated with 3-D graphics that are improved from the original game in the series. While fans of the original game will immediately feel comfortable with the controls and gameplay of this sequel, Tomb Raider II may initially intimidate players not familiar with the series. The controls do seem a little awkward at first, but you can safely learn the ropes by exploring the numerous training exercises accessible in Lara's house. Once you get trained, you're ready to jump, roll, run, and shoot through multiple levels of action. There are some notable improvements for this sequel, including bigger and better levels than the original. In addition, there are more enemies to contend with. This title is a must-have with the new price. --Mike ByerPros:Sequel to the top-selling Tomb RaiderStars Lara Croft, Internet superstarLower price as part of Sony's Greatest Hits lineCons:Controls may intimidate newer gamers Product description Tomb Raider II & Game Secret Book Jump back into the world of amazing adventure with TOMB RAIDER II. In this sequel to TOMB RAIDER, you once again play as the incredible Lara Croft, a gorgeous, intelligent, highly skilled explorer of stunning proportions. With a wide array of stylish and lethal moves at your disposal and a ready arsenal of weapons to employ, you're ready to meet any challenge head on. Solve the mystery of the sacred dagger as you investigate creepy, deathtrap filled ruins, and uncover hidden treasures. You'll battle angry thugs, snarling tigers, and frightening dinosaurs, while also tackling mind-bending puzzles in Lara's second big adventure. Review When Tomb Raider came out near the end of 1996, it was considered by many to be fairly groundbreaking. It was, essentially, a combination of the classic Prince of Persia and an Indiana Jones movie. An "attractive" female character was tossed in, and the game sold like gangbusters. But more so than that, a virtual star was born. The game's main character, Lara Croft, broke out of the confines of the game industry, garnering mainstream press that no other game enjoyed. Tomb Raider II capitalizes on the hype (going so far as to say "Starring Lara Croft" on the box), and delivers a game that makes it seem like the developers were scared to mess with the formula of the original game. As a result, most of Tomb Raider II's improvements are cosmetic, and even those aren't really anything special. The graphics have been bumped up a bit, but the environments are still terribly pixelated. This is forgivable, however, considering the sheer size of some of the levels. The enemy characters are a bit smoother looking (and there are definitely more of them), but it's obvious that most of the development cycle was spent making Lara look better. This year's model is a lot more curvy, a bit skinnier, and sports a fully functioning ponytail (I shudder to think how many hours were spent getting her hair to move "just right"). The gameplay hasn't changed much. Lara still has to do a lot of climbing and jumping, and the combat (complete with guns that you needn't bother aiming - just point in the general direction of a foe and pound the fire button until everything is dead) is still a complete joke. There are a lot more human enemies, which is definitely a welcome addition. Also, there are a few levels that have Lara get behind the wheel of a snowmobile or a boat. But other than that, it's more of the same old Tomb Raidin'. Some of the level design (the Temple of Xian level, in particular) is pretty good, but some of the levels would have been better off in other parts of the game. The level order grinds the g

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